Wednesday, December 15, 2010

How to die from embarrassment properly...

Just so you know, many of these were written a while back...I'm just now getting around to publishing them...

Step 1
Take a shower

Step 2
Take your time towel drying

Step 3
Here someone approach the door, but ignore it since the door is locked.

Step 4
Stand pretty much naked in front of your brother in law since the door is not locked.

Step 5
Die from embarrassment.

Step 6
Wonder what he actually saw since you were too shocked to properly cover anything up. (pretty sure he got a boob, if not more)

Step 7
Curse living in a house with others as you slap your head into the palm of your hand.

Step 8
Consider not leaving the bathroom ever again.

Step 9
Die from embarrassment all over again.

Step 10
Continue to do the head into palm as you can not stop reliving the moment of horror. Die from embarrassment.

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