Monday, November 9, 2009

Brazil's Independence Day!

Since I am behind, I am catching up. That means Independence Day is coming to you late. While all of you were lounging around, grilling out, pooling it, beaching it, or wherever you were celebrating Labor Day, we were celebrating Brasil's Independence Day (Septemer 7th).

I think in other places they do more. Here the only real celebration was the parade! Which I was excited to go to! I always loved the parades in our little hometown of Crewe, VA. There is nothing in the world like tractors pulling beauty queens, shriners in their tiny cars and 6 year olds from Mrs. Carrington's Dance class tap dancing down the street...I miss my little town!

So backtracking...the parade wasn't really all that different from my little town. It actually made me laugh a little. But in a nice, friendly way, promise.

My saintly husband, got up bright and early, to get on the bus (before car), and take me to the parade!

No Parade complete without the band! The Policia Militar band!

We had I believe the ENTIRE police force go by us. And let me tell you, this city employs LOTS of police. But here they are with their awkward, yet surprisingly cute march.

Here is Sidnei's big brother Ney and the dog he trained Apache. He brought Apache to the house one day. I love that dog. So friendly AND obedient. Gracie could use a few lessons.

My favorite since I was a little girl...always the horses!

But I always felt bad for this guy: The worst job in the up after the horses.

The Bombeiros!!! Or the trusty firemen! I have to say, the ones in full get up, must have been HOT!

And here is where I start the inappropriateness that is me...
Here we are making others aware of epilepsy. Which is not funny. But I swear, here I see more things illustrated than anywhere else. Like someone having an epileptic seizure. The people behind the banner, were also wearing t-shirts of the exact same thing. The t-shirts is what really got me. To be fair, Sidnei did tell me there are many people here who believe that you can physically catch (like a cold) something like epilepsy.

Then there was this guy. He was blind, carrying the Brasilian flag down the road. And his walking cane. Which I just wish someone would have taken from him to help him, because he was having issues with both. However, I think it was being used as a prop to say, "See? He's really blind!" I don't really understand who these guy's were. I need to do some research. Sidnei informed me that they were the sons of Masons. I was part of the Daughters of Job when I was younger, and I don't remember the boy's organization. But Sidnei seems to think they worship the devil. Along with the other people that boo'ed them. What the heck? Does anyone know? I just thought they were doing a cute rendition of Harry Potter.

This guy was my favorite!!!! He was part of the literacy campaign! And even though it was hot and muggy, he was so fun and cute! Look how cute his little buddy is!


  1. What an interesting parade. I bet you are learning so much cool stuff living in a different country! P.S. Y'all are such a cute couple!

  2. Re the epilepsy poster showing a person having a seizure. Perhaps a picture is worth a thousand words in a culture that has more illiteracy than North America.
    Job's Daughters International is a Masonic sponsored youth organization for girls aged 10 to 20.
    Masons are more open than thought and they are composed of all religious groups. They are not a religious organization.

  3. Thank you Anonymous...although I was having fun-and to point out, not at anyone, just at the illustrations, be it for whatever purpose some of them are just funny and others crude, like the one I saw advocating against child molestation. I realize the problem that we have here with illteracy. It is a huge problem and that is the reason (along with uneducation of many illnesses) for illustrations all over the city. My comment was not made to offend, but to be light hearted.

    I am well aware of JDI as I was in the group and the Masons (as my Dad is still currently involved). However, I was interested in the Demolay Order, which I have since found out about. And have been trying to educate my family here and other people (when they bring it up) the purpose of the Masonic group. There is a nasty rumor going around that they worship the devil and other non sense. And apparently it is quite rampant in Ipatinga, as they were boo'ed at the parade.

  4. Hilarious! If the Myrtle BEach parades looked like that, I would go more often!

  5. I should read your comments more carefully before I fire off a post.
    Good luck informing people about Masons and their affiliated groups! It is like having a conversation about religion and politics - sure to get voices raised and no one believes you.

  6. Steph! I love the pictures of your parade! I love the Rotti that your BIL has, looks like such a good dog. I also love the military police in the parade, it looks like!!

    What I loved most is your comments back and forth to anonymous. You're so smart!!