Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Do you see it??

 adriano bday 025

You know that HUGE white thing I’m all cuddled up to… you understand  what this means people? Ignore the zit, the fact that I haven’t brushed my teeth or my hair…concentrate people..!

It officially felt like winter here last night. And by winter I mean it was a cool 65 degrees. Alright as night set in, it was probably 60. Hence the need of the big white cover (for me, not for Sidnei). I cannot even describe the happiness that this makes. I miss sleeping with blankets. And I have been SO SO SO hot. Thank goodness for the reprieve that is “winter” here. And honestly, we kind of just got the perfect storm of weather because it had been hot and humid all day. But a great thunderstorm blew in, bringing all kinds of rain and the blessed WIND! The wind was cold and cooled everything off. 60 degree weather is about as cool as we get…at night. During the day it hoovers somewhere between 75-90. More towards 75 if we’re lucky!

Anyway, I’ve never been so grateful for winter. Just thought I’d share my enthusiasm.

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  1. For me that wears off really fast! It is awful here! I thought the house was going to blow away last night. We're getting the kickback of that storm that trounced Rio. I think it was in the 50's last night. I slept with the covers over my head because my nose was so cold and I'm totally shivering here right now! I hate the damp cold because it feels like you can't get it out of your bones all day. But I think we have colder winters here than you do up there - we're in some kind of weird valley and you're on higher ground. Yeah for winter, but brrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!!!