Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Immigration Reform (or the lack thereof)

I don’t often talk about my views on immigration reform. A lot because it is a very controversial topic. One that my friends and family feel very strongly about and it’s just one of those things that we all know about each other and choose not to "rock the boat”.

However, mainly I don’t talk about it because I chose not to make it the focus of why we are here. We are here because we choose to be together. And this is where we can be together. It’s as simple and as complicated as that. But that doesn't mean that I don't pray for someone (*cough cough*, Obama, *cough cough*)to make changes that will allow us to return one day (sooner rather than later).

Today Corin, another american girl here in a similar situation, posted some articles that she had read online. The one in particular I really like is from the The Huffington Post .** I hope you will take a minute and read it. I think it really could be an eye opener for a lot of people. I think there is a lot of misinformation and stereotypes (as in they are not all drug dealers and free loaders taking advantage of the system...just as an example..)that people place on immigrants- and of course particularly illegal immigrants.

That being said, I am really grateful for the internet. It has allowed me to find others who are in similar situations and honestly? It is a relief. It makes me feel more "normal" in a way and it is nice to be able to talk with others who are in similar experiences. And surprisingly, our numbers are larger than expected. One day when I have more time I will post everyone's blogs here, so that you can go and read their stories too!

**I do ask that if you choose to read the article and you have strong opinoins that may or may not differ that you are constructive in what you say. If you aren't...well you know the drill.


  1. Hello Stephanie, I read the post, obviously I am bias, since this situation affects me personally in several fronts. My situation also qualifies me to be able to comment with some authority.
    From the perspective of an inmigrant, regardless of the legality issue, it is a terrible thing to have to come to a strange land, where nothing is normal, where you are different in every aspect of life. Only those whom had to pass through that experience understand what I mean. I comprehend people's biases and misunderstanding on the whole issue. Still the fact is that the vast majority of the inmigrants into our society, illegal or not, make important and quantifiable contributions to the edification of our nation, most people think that illegal inmigrants are moochers, who stop by the welfare centers and emergency rooms of the country to fill their needs for free at the cost of most tax payer citizens, while some of us know that the truth is very different. Most of the "illegals" that I know, posses a Tax Id number where they pay just like any other individual in the country, in the hope that at some point they would have the possibility of getting legal status. Now, how come the same government that take their taxes gladly, is the one whom legislates or not against them? Isn't that "taxation without representation"? I think George III is twisting in his tomb thinking about it!!! he only needed to wait 200 years and his plan would have worked perfectly! He still could have kept his colonies!!!
    We must come back to the realization, that our society draws its creativity and power from the multiplicity of individuals whom at some point in history, decided to leave their homes and come to "make" America. We need the influx of individuals that strengthen our society through their work and ethics and family values, altough may be different than ours.
    The fact is that politicians make this a fighting point for one faction or another and it is another tool in their arsenal to thicken the political soup and stay on,or gain access to office and perpetuate their staying power in that office. Never mind that these are people whom we are talking about, never mind that families are torn apart, never mind that we loose the power of their influence, creativity, good and hard work, it serves the purpose for the politicians to stay in their jobs.
    It is a shame that most "Americans" either look the other way, or close their minds to what really is going on. Most individuals only care about their own personal toil in life, without considering what is good for their society, community and country. I feel that the only answer is education. It will only when individuals choose to look outside their counties, cities, states and country, to realize that the world is rich and prevalent in their own lives, that the system will change to adapt to be a rich, thriving, inclusive and prosperous society, and by that I mean one where money is not the only measure of man, but his or her contribution to the wellness of society and enrichment of the same.
    Untill then, we will continue living in a land of broken dreams, where personal expression is eliminated more and more every day, to satisfy the conformism that makes the wheels of someone's idea of society work. I know that this will sound of far fetch conspiratory fantasy, but I do believe that this things are not coincidence. I believe that there is a deliberated effort from some parts of our society, and very small part mind you, to control situations by dividing and planting the feelings of insecurity and manipulating the process to make sure that we become more compliant with their rules and that way effect control over our lives for their profit.
    I do believe, that the "land of the free" is not that free after all, it is only to the extent that you are willing to march to the music of whomever is writing it, whenever you decide to write your own, you will be put in your place in short order, or you will become another statistic.


  2. There are so many people that are trying to make an honest living and better life for themselves and their families...and it's sad that that isn't allowed them.

    Think of what this country would be without immigrants. Nothing.