Monday, August 1, 2011

First Wave

This last semester, I really loved teaching. I started teaching kids from age 7-9. Their group is called First Wave! It was really SO MUCH FUN. Here are some things we did this semester.

Here is one group, showing off their actors they made for the story, "The Emperor's New Clothes"

This group is my youngest...they are a lot of fun...but challenging at the same time!
These three girls have been at the school together since they were 3. We had good times, we had bad times. Sweet faces right? Let's just say.... we all survived this semester!
Don't tell anyone, but this is by far my FAVORITE group. They were so much fun! And I get to be their teacher again this semester! Here they are dancing to the music we have to sing every.single.class. Every once in a while I let them go crazy with the was one of those days.
At the end of the semester, we combined two groups for a movie day. So after filling them with soda and popcorn, right before lunch, we also gave them a big fat cupcake. They loved it. And well frankly, so did I!

Monday starts another semester and while I'm sad vacation is over, I'm excited to start classes with the kiddos!! Some classes I have the same (same kids, next level), others are new! I am slowly but surely pushing out adults and getting more kid's classes. The school really isn't thrilled since "I have such a high level of English, they would rather put me in higher levels", but I really love it. And I want what I want! Not only that, but I have heard horror stories about teaching the teenagers...and I'm just not quite ready for that. The kids don't really understand that I don't understand all their portuguese (especially because zomygoodness, they talk REALLY fast), so they don't use it to their advantage. Teenagers however, in my opinion would have a field day. We had a spanish teacher one year when I was a sophomore in high school and english was her third language...and not her best. We were NOT nice. Regrettably.

Anyway, good times were had! More good times coming up this semester! Wish me luck for my first day of school!

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