Friday, July 17, 2009

Best Friends

Gracie has made a new best friend!!

This is our nephew, Israel. Which is pronounced here as Is-hi-el...or at least thats how I pronounce it. And Sidnei hasn't corrected me (which he does frequently, so I must be saying it correctly...)!

Israel fell in love with Gracie the minute he saw her! He was never afraid of her! And Gracie loves him too...except when he pulls on her hair. She in turn chews on his hand.

This picture below is my FAVORITE. How could you not love that?? Gracie keeps a watchful eye on the traffic outside, with Israel by her side!

This is Gracie and Israel playing. No doubt Israel pulled on Gracies hair and Gracie is attacking his hands. A favorite game of hers...

Me and Israel! My new buddy! My favorite is when he has just woken from his nap and wants to be held. He puts his little head on my shoulder, wraps his fingers in my hair and plays with it. He still calls me (and everyone else) Mae (portuguese for Mom)...we're working on titia (pronounced ch-chia, or aunt)!


  1. What a couple of sweeties! Your nephew is adorable and so wonderful that you get to bond with him like that. : )