Thursday, July 2, 2009

They love me, they really love me...

Monday, I woke up. It was not a happy Monday morning..and not the usual Monday blues. Nope. I was itching. ALL OVER. Seems during the night, I had gotten hot. So I took the covers off. Which resulted in the blood suckers (and I am not talking about the good kind) hunted my scent down and devoured me. My arms, my legs, my stomach, I am covered in mosquito bites. And I happen to be highly allergic to them so I itch like a mad woman. For weeks.

Through his laughter, my husband said I needed to wear repellent. To which my reply was that I do. Every day. I spray myself with it quite often. When I get up. After I shower. After I eat lunch. Before dinner. Before I go to bed. I am a little worried that it's too much and that I myself will start to be toxic...ANYWAY, after he was finished laughing because I was miserable, itchy, and on the verge of tears , he felt sorry for me.

Because this isn't even the worst of it:

So before my window looked like this:

And when Sidnei came home after work, this is what he did:

And now my window looks like this:

And now this is the picture of a happy girl:

Because now she doesnt worry mosquitos will eat her or that she will eat a spider and she can be cover free!


  1. Doesn't it just boggle the mind that a tropical country with mosquito born illnesses like dengue and yellow fever doesn't make windows with built in screens! People don't believe me when I describe the windows back home.
    Here's a couple tips...
    I don't seem to get bitten if I put oil on my skin - any kind. Like after bath-type oils -sweet almond or something (you can find that in the drugs stores here - "Oleo de Amendoa Doce". Essential citronella oil diluted in a carrier oil like sunflower seed also works of course if you can handle the smell - both are available here - citronella = citronela, same word...
    We sleep with a mosquito net during the bad seasons (rede or mosquiteira). Because even if we shut the house at dusk, they always find their way in somehow... and I HATE waking up to that whine in my ear.
    Ice helps a lot on the bites, and there is a cream called Polaramine that you can get at the drug store. It's an anti-hystamine.
    Finally, try this....
    Brewer's Yeast. Here it's called Levadura de Cerveja. It isn't alcoholic -- it's just the yeast they use to ferment beer. But it is really high in all the B vitamins and if you take a couple of capsules a day, it does something to the way you smell to the skeeters. They don't like it. You can find it at a health food store. Three capsules a day for a month and they should back off and go bite someone else (hopefully not Sidnei or Gracie).

  2. Oh mosquitoes are the WORST. They love to eat on me too. Glad your man fixed the situation for ya! : )

  3. Mosquito's love me too. And your hubby found the only solution there is for this problem. Good for him for doing that for you!