Sunday, September 27, 2009

The One about the Car

So I told you all about the husband's dreaming of motorcycles and how I would not give in. Just to let you know I ALMOST DID. Common sense prevailed and we started looking at the difference of prices when financing a car. The difference was not big enough so we started looking at cars more seriously. Seriously, he had cars on the brain. For the past couple of weeks that is ALL he has talked about. Granted, he really does need one for work. It is difficult to get around to his different jobs, to be able to go measure, etc with only a bike. Too much distance, not enough time. Fair enough.

Sidnei has a family friend in Belo Horizonte who works at a car dealership. We proceeded looking at cars they had on their lots and after several, we found one that we liked, was affordable, and a good deal. We gave all the information to finance and found out it was a go. That was Monday at 4 pm. Monday at 5:40 pm we were on a bus to Belo Horizonte. No kidding.

Arriving in Belo Horizonte about 10:30 (Believe it or not, I REALLY enjoyed myself on the bus!) and the friend was there to pick us up in our new car. To tell you the truth, I was not crazy about the car when I saw it, aesthetically on the inside there were some issues, and there were more kilometers than I had originally thought (my issue, got my cars mixed up). But I was happy enough to have a car.

The plan originally was to get the car and go back to Ipatinga that night as Sidnei had to work in the morning. Does it surprise anyone that that is NOT what happened? The car had no gas. The gas stations were closed. So Sidnei made the executive decision we would stay with them and leave at 4:30 in the morning. Let me tell you. I was NOT happy. I had nothing with me. I couldn't brush my teeth effectively. I was in a skirt and heels (because I didn't have time to change before we left) and I was all around just not happy. To top it all off, when we got to the friend's house, to look over the paperwork, we realized the bank didn't finance as much as we thought which about doubled our down payment. By this time it is 1 in the morning. This for me is a downward spiral. I was adamantly against buying this car. I was looking into the face of needing to live with my in laws for the next year while we paid off the down payment and the car payment at the same time. I told Sidnei if it was really what he wanted to do and he thought it was a good idea then it was his decision. All the while what I really mean is, Don't do it!!!!!!!

So by 3 in the morning we lay down to sleep for an hour or so. We get up at 4:15. (By the way, we found someone willing to get us some gas in the car..I don't ask) We pack everyone in the car because the friend's wife and daughter are coming back to Ipatinga with us to visit their family. Friend's wife is 7 months pregnant and daughter is 5. All of us with only about an hour of sleep. So off we go. For about twenty minutes. When the clutch goes out. Seriously. (But even better I'm thanking the good Lord because this was not the car I wanted and I knew it wasn't a good idea to buy it) We are on a dark highway with no lights, a 7 month pregnant lady, and a 5 year old. OH and did I mention no phone? Our battery died. GREAT. I didn't think it was a great idea to go traipsing down the road with everyone, but friend's wife was too scared to stay. So we all trek back to the house and make it back about 6:15.

By eight we had the car towed and we were at the car dealership looking at other vehicles. And we found one! The down payment was seriously a quarter of what the other one was, the payment is only 10 reais more per month. The car is 5 years newer, and though it doesn't have electric windows or locks, it looks better, and has less miles. I was SO happy! By 10:30 we were on our way back home (finally!) and arrived in Ipatinga about 3!

So without further ado here is our 2004 Chevy Celta!

And of course this is the first thing we did when we got home. Wash the new baby.

And we have been successfully doing things for the car EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.


  1. Yes, definitely a Brazilian adventure you are having here! A story right out of the pages of your typical day getting things done! lol! Congratulations. It looks great. Very efficient too. But tell me, how on earth are the payments so low?!?!?!?! I'm thinking we have to get a second car now that we are moving out of the city - I can't get milk or t.p. now without driving to a store. But we thought financing was totally out of the question. I'm so glad you prevailed on both the car and the RIGHT car. Sometimes it is hard to be always right, hugh? :-)