Friday, October 16, 2009

Birthday Pictures and Meet the Fam!

Us and the store bought cake...since my cake making ventures haven't exactly been successful here.

Israel (our nephew) LOVES when everyone sings Happy Birthday!

Here is Sidnei and his immediate family.
Starting Left:
Adriano (Sidnei's brother in law)
Julianne (Sidnei's sister in law and Israel's Mom)
Lucelio (Julianne's husband and Sidnei's youngest brother and Israel's Dad)
Marlene (Sidnei's Mom)
Jose (Sidnei's Dad)
Sidnei (He is child #3 (in case you were wondering) and Israel in his lap)
Lucinha (Sidnei's sister, the oldest in the bunch)
Amarildo Ney (we call him Ney(pronounced Neigh like what a horse does. I know that sounds terrible, its the only thing I can compare it too), he is #2 and Sidnei's older brother)
Angelica (Sidnei's sister in law, Ney's wife, sitting in Lucinha's lap)

Were you able to follow all that?

This year we had a nice low key birthday. Next year when I am more familiar with everything, I hope to party it up a little more! You all know how I love to celebrate!

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  1. I love the picture with you two in front of the cake. You look so happy!! I love to read about your adventures!!