Friday, February 10, 2012

Grandfather Mountain and the Mile High Bridge

Going to Grandfather Mountain was probably one of my favorite things. I had been wanting to go the entire trip! When it rained on our last day on Monday I was really bummed out thinking we wouldn't be able to go. However, Dad and Kim made an executive decision to go Tuesday morning and then head out from there! I was estatic! It was well worth it! Absolutely beautiful!

Our First stop was the Mile High Bridge!

After the Mile High Bridge, we explored the rest of the mountain. We went on a hike...Really beautiful, got lots of great pictures (my favorite! in case you didn't know..) and we went to a museum and an animal habitat as well.

This deer was not part of the habitat. He was a baby in the wild and it was really cool to see him and his brothers and sisters!


Black bear! I think he's really beautiful. He fur even looks just like a teddy bear to cuddle. Though he's not so cuddly. Just cute.

Giant amethyst in the museum!

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