Thursday, March 4, 2010

Driven to Distraction…

I love getting my nails done here in Brazil. While I don’t do it as often as I should, mainly because I’m lazy and it takes the better part of two hours, it is definitely an experience. Here I get my hands and feet done for 10 reais…or about $6 give or take. Usually I’m pretty boring. I like french manicures. It’s simple, it’s safe, it goes with everything. Today I got a little crazy and told the girl to do whatever she wanted.

And she did just that.

011 008 010

I got hot pink, decorated with flowers, topped off with a healthy coat of color glitter, and toes to match! I have a hard time not looking at them, they are the busiest thing in the room! I feel so very…Brazilian. Though maybe I should say Minera…or Ipatingian…Is it just here? Everyone seems to have VERY busy fingers here. Here More is More. And Less is Less. Though I must say I am impressed with her hand painting with her teeny tiny paint brush! I think though next time I’ll stick with my boring french manicure…I’m so easily distracted….


  1. Oh that's great! Yes, women in my city too are... ummm... very, busy... ummmm, yes, painted. Done up. Colorful.

    I always feel like such a schlep. I don't wear high heels unless it's for a wedding or some other special event, don't straighten/bleach my hair, makeup is limited mascara and lipbalm, I rarely do my nails because cooking and gardening and housework destroy them in a day.

    But I always notice how very (over)dressed up women are here for no particular reason. To go sit on plastic chairs in a buteco? To run errands in the crowded center in those nonsensical spiked shoes on treacherous sidewalks?

    Most of the time I think it looks good on them though. Brazilian women are beautiful after all. But when they are 50 or 60 +. Well, all that war paint makes them look, according to my MIL, like Christmas trees. (Personally I think it makes older women look like drag queens... Anna Maria Braga being a spectacular case in point.)

    All that aside, I think your nails look fantastic and fun! Good for you!

  2. Those are crazy busy, and yet perfect. And, how cheap...I'm jealous.

    Now, how hard was it to take off?