Wednesday, March 24, 2010

No matter where you go…

There are just some things that don’t change.

Take for instance, people not paying attention when they drive. Or more specifically talking on the cell phone while driving. Problem in the states (albeit slightly bigger in my opinion) and problem here.

How about the sound two cars make when they collide? Nope, it’s the same here too.

Dealing with insurance companies and body shops? PAIN. BIG, FAT PAIN.

So since life never likes things to get to dull, we got a little shake up on Monday.

Sidnei was driving me to work and BAM! This kid runs a stop sign and runs smack into us. But honestly, I KNEW he was going to run that stop sign. How? Because I think everyone crossing over isn’t going to stop. Why? Because of my own accident two years ago. So every single time we cross an intersection with moving vehicles I’m grabbing onto something. I’m a real treat to ride in a vehicle with. 

But do you know the absolute worst thing about getting in an accident? Well there are two things for me. The first one is the slow down. Where you brain literally slows everything down for a second and you can see with the perfect clarity what is going to happen and how it is going to happen. And then the impact. It’s the noise, people. I hate it. It’s awful and literally I have nightmares about it. *insert shudder here*

Thankfully all is well. Sidnei’s back is hurting a little and I have a pretty big goose egg on my shin that is going to give me a good looking bruise on these white legs, but other than that, we were not injured. Neither was the other guy. Our car got the least of the damage. It was hit on the drivers side light and is looking crunchy, but the car still runs and is driveable (unlike the other vehicle which no longer runs). Just not at night because the light is busted. The other thing we have to be thankful for is the other guy had insurance! Which is slightly miraculous seeing as it is not required here and there are many horror stories about people trying to get the money to pay for their vehicles.

So all in all, we are really thankful it wasn’t more serious and that we have an insurance company to deal with (even if they are a pain).

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