Thursday, March 18, 2010

Unemployment is for the birds…

Beach! 115

See that smile right there? It’s laid back, it’s happy, it’s CONTENT. I love content.

Do you know why I am so content? I’ll tell you.

People, I have joined the ranks of the employed. You are looking at a teacher of Business English, here in Ipatinga. Okay, honestly, what you are really looking at is a girl who is content because she FINALLY got a little time on the beach to read a book, because thank goodness her husband’s uncle came with us, and she didn’t have to listen to, “Why do you like to read so much?” or “How come you don’t want to talk to me?” or “When do you want to go back to the hotel?” GAHHHHHHHHH, can a girl get a little peace to do one of her most favorite things in the world (read on the beach)? Can we get a little self entertainment please? Someone remind me to bring the boy some magazines next time.

Back to the point—I have a job! I’m getting paid! And most importantly, though it’s only the first week, I’m really enjoying myself!

Though as a disclaimer, Sidnei would like the entire world to know (because his breadwinner, man of the house, macho-ness is sensitive) that it’s not because I NEED to work. He can provide for me. I WANT to work. Alright? Good. (Though a little padding at the end of the month never hurt anyone right? Exactly.) Moving on.

I started teaching on Monday, which was quite the surprise. Before we left for vacation, the school called, desperate for another teacher, so I rushed around taking English reading, writing, and listening tests. Interviewing, discussing terms, hours, etc. I was supposed to train the Friday and Saturday before we took off and start the Monday I got back, but they just couldn’t make it happen. So they never called and I just figured they had to cancel it.

Well lo and behold, on the Sunday we got home, I received a phone call from the coordinator asking me if I was still coming to teach the next day. Although surprised…and not really surprised all at the same time (unorganized chaos tends to rule supreme here)…I was still excited and eager.

So I’ve been teaching the last couple of days and I love my Monday and Wednesday group the best. One of the best things for me, is finally being able to teach instead of learn. I have been on a steep learning curve (new city, language, culture, etc) for almost 10 months now. It’s refreshing. I feel like I have some purpose, direction. Friday and Saturday I will spend all day training and next week we will begin “official” lessons.

Can I just say the funniest thing (and I mean that in a positive way) is having them call me ‘teacher’ even after telling them repeatedly to just call me Stephanie (that’s my M&W group, 3 nerdy engineers..they are so very endearing!)

Seriously, even though it’s just a couple hours a week, I’m so glad to have a job! Staying at home has not been very ideal for me. Especially seeing as I have no house (of my own) and no kids. It’s just me. And when that’s the case…as the title’s for the birds.

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