Thursday, February 16, 2012


So apparently, I'm getting old. Okay, so it's not old. But I just am not sure I understand how time seems to be passing by so quickly. People I am approaching 30. It's a little strange to even say that. I feel like I am an kid playing adult.

Anyway my birthday was pretty low key this year. I had already gotten to celebrate with my family in the states. At my Mom's we had a "family birthday" to celebrate all the birthdays we had missed. This is a Ukrop's cake. My favorite cake in the whole world. It makes my mouth water just thinking about it!

I was also lucky because Miranda took me to PF Changs to celebrate my birthday before I left! We had good food and she even brought me a cupcake!! It was delicious!! (Miranda where are those pictures??)

On my actual birthday here, it started out good. I went and got my nails done in the morning. However, when I got home I wasn't feel very good. In the middle of the day I was running a fever. Luckily I slept it off and felt better in the evening. After my nap (and my fever broke) I decided I would need to have some sort of cake. Lucky for me I had a box of funfetti and frosting on hand, so I got to work! They were delicious and the whole family enjoyed them!

When Sidnei got off work, we got ready and went out to eat at one of our favorite Churrascarias. It was absolutely delicious. One of my favorite things to eat there is grilled Minas cheese. YUM. The good thing about going out on a Monday night is hardly anyone was there. So I basically had the individual attention of all the waiters and got what I wanted when I wanted it. And who doesn't love that?? Of course dinner was topped off with grilled pineapples and bananas. My mouth is watering again.

Happy Birthday to me! This is going to be a great year!

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  1. Happy Birthday! 28-30 is such a transformative time....enjoy it! Your life will likely change in ways it never will again.