Thursday, June 3, 2010

Talk about a bad haircut…

Okay, so there are lots of things I want to tell you!

But that will have to wait. Because I am traumatized. (but not more than Gracie..)

This was my cute. fluffy dog just one month ago.


How could you NOT love that face??


I’ll tell you how.



When it looks like this:

Gracie's terrible haircut 007

or this:

Gracie's terrible haircut 009

That is some scary face people.

Look at her, she is just plain defeated by this cut.

Gracie's terrible haircut 005

And quite honestly, I have just gotten to the point where I can talk about this, because on Friday, when she came home..there were nothing but tears. Seriously, she’s so ugly, I cried.


SO how did all this happen? I’ll tell you how. This is what happens when you ask your husband to call the groomers, but you don’t sit there listening to exactly what he tells them. So when they ask how much they want taken off and he says everything, this is what happens. It’s supposed to be everything but the head and the tail. They just get a trim. We have all learned a good lesson. And it’s cold here now. And she is freezing. My poor ugly, E.T. baby.

Gracie's terrible haircut 008


  1. So sad!!! I remember when that happened to Cooper. I was so sad and he was depressed. They seriously know and are traumatized!!! Poor sweetie, it will grow back soon :)

  2. I needed the laugh!! LOL Your poor pup!!

    Steph, you are looking HOT!!!

    I would love to know what "cold" is in Brazil. Seriously, humor me :)